Helping YOU go
from where you ARE

Tap into the hidden secrets
few experts want you to know.

Why Mindwalker?

Because life is so much more than what our broken social systems make it out to be.

At Mindwalker we are focused on creating a more conscious world by teaching people how to live with passion and create the best version of themselves they can be.

We believe that the ultimate outcome is not a goal or a degree, but an improved, happier, more empowered version of YOU.


Client Testimonials

Brian Johnson

CEO / Business Owner

“Energetic, driven, entertaining and high energy. The training has influenced all of us to make positive changes in our lives.”

Melissa De Walt

Director / Entrepreneur

“Working with Tony and his team has been an incredible experience! Being able to learn from him is an honour.

His passion for people is tangible and is evident through his teachings.”

Client Testimonials

Nadine Scheepers


“My life has definitely been changed forever now that I have the tools that will help me to understand myself and
others better!”

David Breytenbach

Real Estate Agent

“I could literally feel my mind expand with all the knowledge I gained. Definitely the best decision I ever made.”