The mind behind Mindwalker.

For almost two decades, Tony Wake has dedicated his life to not only learning from and modelling the most successful people in the world of business, coaching, persuasion, influence, suggestion and linguistics, but also through access to the experience of these experts, he has created, discovered and simplified an arsenal of techniques and strategies for personal empowerment, motivation and success for those seeking growth and success on a personal as well as a professional level.

Famous for his uncanny abilities of suggestion, influence, persuasion, hypnotic performances and mental abilities, that have brought him much public acclaim and allowed him to transform and broaden the beliefs many have in the capabilities of the mind.

Tony has been featured on the "Fresh Drive Show" and "Hamman Time" on 5 FM radio, hypnotizing Angela Ludek of "The Tribe" on Radio 2000, being interviewed on 90.6 FM Stereo and appearing on the popular SABC talk show “Three Talk with Noeleen” where he was seen instantly hypnotizing celebrities, live on-air, with impressive accuracy and results, not to mention appearing on local celebrity gossip show Zalebs, where he performed his mind-tricks with splendour.

His weekly podcast "The Mindwalker Method" reaches thousands of listeners world-wide, where he shares his knowledge of powerful mental tools and techniques to overcome challenges and obstacles many are facing in their lives.

Facilitating change by using specialized, intervention strategies, he has quickly climbed the ladder to be one of the most highly sought after coaches and mentors in South Africa.

He has facilitated many training courses and developed numerous educational training material for institutions such as:

  • The International Academy of Hypnosis
  • The Hypnosis Guild of Southern Africa
  • Sirius Entrepreneurial Institute
  • Southern Business School
  • Henley Business School
  • Evolved Coaching
  • Action Factory
to name but a few.

Tony's unconventional way of thinking has touched the lives of thousands and his life-changing events, talks and performances have unveiled the amazing progress that is possible in many diverse avenues of life – personal, professional, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – taking the power of the human mind to a whole new level and elevating this influencer, trainer and entertainer to the ranks of the elite.

About Mindwalker.

Starting back in 2008, after deciding that the capabilities of the mind are mostly untapped by only applying it to entertainment, Tony Wake set out to take his highly specialized and strategic methods of communication and a deep level of understanding of human behaviour, and develop training courses and resource material to educate those who are in search of personal power, mental excellence and an unrelenting richness of life.

Mindwalker (Pty) Ltd is focussed on corporate training as well as personal empowerment seminars and educational products focussing on bringing our clients the best information and training from the fields of business, relationships, language & communication, persuasion & influence, personal empowerment, mental development, Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, as well as other fields of therapeutic & strategic interventions.

At Mindwalker we aim to teach, train and empower the enthusiastic minds of those searching for growth, empowerment, abundance and a greater state of well-being.