Going against the
"norm" to give you
the tools to transform

In our modern society it is clear that traditional education systems do not prepare us for the world today.

At Mindwalker Academy we aim to change that by making available the training and development of invaluable life skills that will change your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

There is no 'one' answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?", just like there is no 'one' person who is identical to another.

It starts with first finding your passion, turning it into a purpose and then living that purpose with dedication and discipline.

It is often necessary to master certain skills, before more complex skills can be effectively learned and absorbed.

For this reason, we have a structured syllabus that has been proven to allow for maximum memory recall, Information absorption and skill retention.

Every person is unique and therefore there is no 'one' single way to teach and develop life skills.

Degrees and diplomas are merely a measurement of how well a student can answer a question based on the expectations of the examiner.

Skills and skill-sets, however, are wholly dependent on how successful a person can overcome a specific challenge and gain the desired outcome that they have set for themselves.

Learn life skills that will last
a lifetime


From tools and techniques to improve your confidence, public speaking skills, facial profiling and reading body language, to Neuro Linguistic Programming, business skills and entrepreneurial development...

Here you will find all the skills to make you a superstar in your own right.

Giant leaps start one step at a time


Too much, too soon can lead to overwhelm and anxiety and that is the thief of skills development mastery.

We believe that learning a new skill should come as natural as breathing and as such, we have structured our courses in a manner that provides bite-sized portions to our students for maximum absorption and integration.

Say NO to boredom



The human mind learns 10 times faster when it's having fun, than when it's bored down into the realm of monotonous repetition.

All our courses are designed to encourage personal participation and help our students have the most fun, which assists with the absorption of new information.

Embark on a life-long adventure


The potential of millions is drowned by the expectations of the "normal" world. We believe that "normal" is an overused term that is used to stop you from becoming EXTRAORDINARY!

Constant and consistent learning is the way forward to a better, happier, more empowered version of YOU.