wealth workshop

Learn how to tap into the TRUE potential of your communication!


  • Imagine if you could harness the potential of your language and be up to 300% more effective
  • Increase the influence your communication has over others
  • Learn the techniques that top communicators use to influentially layer their communication to entice and intrigue their listeners
  • Unveil the true power of words, their structure and the deeper meanings we as humans place on them
  • Imagine the possibilities of empowering others by suggestively encouraging them to take action NOW


In this workshop, Tony will teach you not only how we as people go about creating the reality we choose to live in, but also how your language impacts you and those around you as well.

Experience first-hand how you can use your body to change your mind and your mind to change your body and enrich your life with the knowledge shared by one of the greatest teachers of human behaviour, influence and persuasion in our day and age.

This 1 day workshop is filled with amazing scientific discoveries, unbelievable showcases of mental feats and practical real-time examples of how YOU can change your life by changing the way you use your mind and the manor in which you utilize your communication.

Join renowned trainer and speaker Tony Wake to be part of the mental evolution and tap into the true power of your communication!